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Samenwerking met Circular Plastics Alliance

Kempenaars participates in the Circular Plastics Alliance

Recently Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. became a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance. Henk Kras (Circular Plastics Alliance) went along with Marco Leemberg (Palletcentrale) to hand over the tombstone.

Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. is part of the larger company Kempenaars Recycling B.V., which has been involved in the processing of waste paper since 1946. The company uses the latest techniques to sort paper and has a proven track record in the recycling industry. Since 2011, the company has had a separate branch Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V., which uses hard plastics from environmental parks as a raw material to produce new plastic. The company has managed to recycle 95% of the household plastic, so that only 5% waste has to be landfilled. A great step forward!

The main objective of Kempenaars Plastics as a member of the Circular Alliance is to contribute to a more sustainable plastic production process: from raw material to product. Because the company has extensive experience with this and also has the right knowledge and equipment in house, it can make a nice contribution to the Circular Plastics Alliance.

During the visit to Kempenaars, Marco Leemberg of the Palletcentrale came along to get to know this new partner and to investigate whether knowledge can be shared in the short term, one of the most important objectives of our Circular Plastics Alliance.

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